Human Services in Action

Human Services On-Site Visit
Unit 9 Assignment: Site Visit Option
Professor Bustamante
Rufus Wilson
HN115- Human Services Program and Profession

Human Services On site Visit
When working in Human services you are given an opportunity to help mold and change lives in many different ways. Three of the populations with which they can help are children and families, Alcohol abuse and addiction, and the elderly. It is the human service professional’s responsibility to consider the clients’ welfare and safety as their top priority when providing services to them.
The first population of clients that I am going to be dealing with is the Children and families that are working directly with Human services providers. When working with this group of individuals it is important to understand the types of services that they will need. Most situations, but not all will deal with the handling or the well-being of the child and certain services such as childcare and medical assistance that may be lacking in the family. The goal of the human services provider is to link these clients with community partners that can for fill their needs and in some cases provide the funding needed to get these services. Sometimes Grandparents may be caring for their grandchildren and they lack the income to provide very basic needs so we would assist them in getting these needs met and the counseling that they may need to cope with the changes that will be taking place in their lives.
The next group of clients are those that are battling substance abuse issues and addiction.   These individuals may come to you broken and un willing to accept that they have a problem so this may be difficult to get them to even understand that they need to work with you to solve a problem. It is very important to allow these clients to speak and for the human services provider to have a very attentive ear to what it is that they are saying.   The substance abuse counselor is a mental health...