Human Service

Hypothetical Working Agreement
BSHS 322

Hypothetical Working Agreement
The purpose of my paper is to assess and evaluate a client who as been addicted to drugs for four years.   She would like to regain her custodial right to her two children, who are currently being taken care of by her mother.   I will give a through assessment of Freydia’s situation.   Freydia and I will set goal throughout her sessions, we will also set time lines and evaluation methods.
Purpose of Assessment
The purpose of assessments is for judgment, analysis, and treatment planning or research to conclude eligibility for a particular service.   These evaluations are often done to measure the physical health and well-being, strengths of the clients.   Clinicians perform on going assessments to evaluate the progression of his or her clients (Murphy&Dillion2003).

Assessment.   Client name: Freydia Smith
Address: 7890 Maple Street,   Greenville, NY 1234
Telephone number: (134) 555-6598
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Religion: Baptist
Cultural Identity: African-American
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Employment: Unemployed
Education:   Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education
Significant Others: Her mother Mary Smith who is 47 years old, 7 years old
        Daughter named Hayden, and 9 year old son named
Presenting Problems:   Four year drug addiction to crack cocaine, children
removed by CPS, and unemployed
Biopsychosocial stressors: Single and trying to take care of two children
        by herself, and could not keep a job due to
        inadequate child care for her two children,
        peer pressure, drug infested neighborhood.
Client’s strengths: Freydia is very intelligent and great with children.
Family Background: Freydia Smith is the only child.   Her mom is an
          elementary school, and her dad is professor at
          a local college....