Human Resources

A public sector organisation such as the police is funded via government money, they are supported by the rules and regulations that the government put in place. They are also put in place to provide a service to all the members of the public no matter their age, race, gender.

There has been a number of political changes that have affected the police force. The first change is to the budget the police have. There has been a large cut that has affected all the staff, equipment and training. The number of police officers is having to be decreased in order to save money within the force, however by doing this it causes problems for both the police and the public. The problems within the police will be less officers to deal with all the reports coming through as well as it taking longer to back up their colleagues when they are in need of assistance. Due to this happening it can lead to the officers becoming unsafe when dealing with certain situations as they don't have the support they need. The lack of officers could also lead to the public feeling unsafe themselves as they will feel like they have no one protecting them like they use to.
Media stories can also have a political impact of the police service as people will believe what they hear in the news and these stories could be false causing many problems with the work the police carry out.   An example of where this has happened within the police service is the stories regarding the Hillsborough incident.

It is important that the police service try to stay as environmentally friendly as they can so that they can protect the environment while carrying their daily roles. In order for the police to become more environmentally friendly they should use more pedal bikes in areas as well as having ore officers walking the streets rather than driving around in cars polluting the environment. The police use a large amount of paperwork on every shift, in order to become more environmentally friendly they should try and...