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Consulting Assessment

Travis Kessie
Aug 17, 2015
Rick Lab

Consulting Assessment
Chicago Bridge and Iron (CB&I) is an engineering, procurement and construction firm who is a top industry provider to clients around the world ranging from industries in Liquefied Natural Gas, Boiler Making, Ship Building and until recently Nuclear Power. CB&I prides themselves to take on difficult challenges from design to construction and to accomplish their goals of being the contractor of choice around the world, is to educate and train a workforce that is capable of performing the work as the engineering staff is at designing the project. This assessment will detail to CB&I ways to effectively grow a highly functioning team who is knowledgeable about their jobs and how to perform in an every changing industry.
Current Focus and Overreaching Goals
CB&I are currently focusing on engineering, procuring and construction four (4) new nuclear power plants in South Eastern United States. The United States has not seen a nuclear construction power plant project since the 1970’s. The past three decades, a work force has diminished, knowledge gaps have widened and until recently, nuclear almost became obsolete due to the high costs for constructing a nuclear power plant along with the strict licensing requirements and regulation in the nuclear industry.
CB&I recognized the countries needs for nuclear power, as the federal government increased enforcement with emission control regulations on the coal and fossil fuel power plants, nuclear is the best valuable option available that offer safe operations, zero carbon dioxide emissions and a long operating life of sixty plus years. For CB&I to continue building nuclear plants, CB&I have to focus their energy on building a nuclear work force not only for construction but also for design and purchasing activities.

Training Needs

CB&I have the need to build a large workforce to achieve the...