Human Resource

One of the growing yet toughest industries for human resource to manage is the call center.
The call center industry has one of the highest turnover rates compared to other jobs due to its high level of stress and dullness.   Retention starts with hiring the right person for the job. Human resource recruiters should look for applicants with these characteristics: self motivated, high tolerance fortress, positive attitude, good listening skills, good communication skills, ability to work as an individual and in a group, good problem solving skills, and enjoy helping customers.   A good way to test out the applicants is to pre-screen telephone interviews to test out their phone skills.   One of the most useful techniques that call centers use is the employee referral program. This program allows employees to recommend a friend, relative, or family member to the job and receive a cash prize if they pass the probation period. This technique tends to provide the new recruit with more realistic expectations and can provide a better cultural fit. Training and orientation is also important in human resource management in a call center. Training should include lots of role-play so employees can get comfortable talking to customers over the phone, learn to turn negative thoughts into positive ones, and understand the company‚Äôs goals, mission, and corporate culture.  
Selection and Recruitment
When hiring an employee for the call center, it is important to find the right person because this will reduce turnover rates and save time and money in the long run. Being an agent in a call center is much more complicated compared to a regular customer service representative or a sales representative because you are unable to see the person and are relying on their tone of voice to distinguish
the mood they are in.   Customer service representative or sales person at a retail stores look for specific skills and characteristics in the applicant before they qualify for an interview....