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Strategic Human Resource Management
4000 words
Title: Perspectives of SHRM
In a survey of 526 C-Suite executives, 75% identified succession planning as a significant challenge for their organization. Critically analyze the importance of succession planning and the challenges for modern organizations. Critically evaluate the impact of successful succession planning.
  1. Thorough literature review must be evident.
  2. Discussion and debate on the how importance of succession planning in SHRM. There must be sufficient linkage between theory and practice.
  3. Harvard style of references should be used.
The assignment has:
Table of Contents
List of Figures or List of tables
Introduction 500
Literature Review 1000
Critical Analysis 2000
Conclusions 500
Reflective practitioner approach to management development
Synthesize the inter-relationship between the key areas of organizational strategy and HRM
Evaluate the significance of the wider environment context in formulating HRM strategy.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1
Literature Review 2
Critical Analysis 5
Conclusions 9
Bibliography 11

The need for the management to appoint worthy and talented successors has always been a part of the socio-economic activities and the hierarchy maintenance has always been important. Succession planning is a process which ensures that the management has a candidate which is well versed in the areas of management, decision making and displaying leadership where needed. Succession planning is defined as a process which involves the development of internal human resource to...