Human Resource Management



    ➢ How is a job description made?

A JD is prepared by HR in consultation / coordination with the functional Department


    ➢ What is the process for recruitment & selection?

The process for recruitment & selection is that staff   hiring is done in batches, in small groups or individual basis is subjected to availability of vacant slot in the organ gram of the unit duly approved by the COO and President & CEO.

It should be intimated to Human resource department through regional managers offices (in case of branches) and in case of head office through concerned department heads.

    ➢ What are the important key points which need to be considered when selecting a person for the job?

The important key points when selecting person for the job are as fellows :

  1. Work experience if any for the specified job that is to be need in the firm / organization

  2. Educational qualification

  3. ECIB should be satisfactory


    ➢ How many interviews are conducted?

There are two conditions:

  1. Panel Interview

      In case of panel interview, only one interview is conducted in presence of the officials of HR, Functional Department; and BM/Area/ Regional Offices.

  2. One-to-one Interview

      In case of one-to-one interview three interviewers are conducted ie

    • HR

    • Functional Department;

    • BM/Area/Regional offices

    ➢ What role does job description play during the interview?

JD is a written list of the tasks / duties which should be performed by the respective employee. During the interview, an interviewer can judge the candidate on the basis of JD considering the JD as a bench mark.

JD will help to standardize the interview for all the candidates who will be appearing in the interview.

    ➢ What type of interview is conducted?

    o Panel

    o One-to-one...