Human Resource Management

Human Resource is no longer what it used to be. That department of the organisation is now very involved in the strategic planning of a company and no longer only sees about compensation, benefits and all other services of the employee. Human Resource is now involved in motivating, planning and knowing whether sustains plan will benefit or bring a down fall to the organisation.
Change in organisations is very relevant in today’s working environment. There is where Human Resource comes in handy, there would look over all the organisation strategic plans and help make right decisions in order to keep topping, and maintaining a competitive advantage.
Human Resource is faced with a lot of challenges such as performing proper selection process, being able to motivate and keep motivated employees, making sure productivity is up to mark. Human resource managers need to be very flexible in what they do. Being able in understand every part of an organisation and all that goes on in all departments.HR managers need to stay in line with the vision, mission and goals of the organisation. They also need to be in conscious of all competitors, newly developing technologies and any newly trends that may affect in productivity of the organisation.
Their will soon be a brain drain in the technical aspect of a company. Because of the number of over qualified person and the cost which comes with the training of such profession companies might not be able to pay for such need skills in order to maintain a competitive advantage.
Human resource does not always get the recognition deserve. This department is just as important as finance and marketing because they have to maintain the same top of line service and dedication as every other part of the organisation. At the end every aspect of the organisation still depends on Human Resource to provide them with important information.   Organisation is now beginning to realize how important HR is and the contributions that department...