Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management |
A case study of Harrods |


Executive Summary

The main three aspects of the human resource management are to select, recruit and develop the human resources. Through the human resource management the organization can make a good relationship with the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and other labour unions. Previously consolidation, globalization, technological development etc. are the main work of human resource management. Now from the recruitment to cessation of the employees all work are done under the monitoring of the human resource management (HRM).
By adopting up to date human resource management styles and techniques, the Harrods are doing their performance very well. The turnover of the employee’s decreases as well as the organizational structure increases.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction: 3
P1.1: Difference between personnel management and human resource management: 4
P1.2: Assess the function of the human resource management in contributing to Harrods purposes. 6
P1.3: Evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in human resource management: 7
P1.4: Analyse the impact of legal and regulatory framework on human resource management. 9
P2.1: Analyse the reasons for human resource planning in Harrods and one more selected business: 11
P2.2: Outline the stages involved in planning human resource requirements: 12
P2.3: Comparison of the Recruitment and Selection Process in two Organization 14
P2.4: Evaluation of the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection techniques in two organizations (Harrods and Sainsbury) 16
P. 3.1:     Assess the link between motivation theory and reward 18
P3.2: Evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay 19
P3.3: Assess the effectiveness of reward systems in different contexts 20
P3.4: Examine the methods Harrods and one more selected business use to monitor employee...