Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management |
HRM/531 |
Professor Gorge Taylor III |
5/2/2011 |
Willamita Perry

Memo:   To the Senior Management Staff
From:   Willamita Perry
RE:       How we can bring the management Staff together.

As you may already experience we have face some uncertainly among the employees after the merger of Interclean and Evolve, It is important as members of management that we show a united front.   We should show that although we are a team of two different companies we are cable to work together as one team. Each manager should show that they are working for the better of the newly form company.   As managers we can’t show any uncertain behaviors toward one another.   It would not be wise to show your indulvilual quest for personal gain or any sense of favoritism for a certain employee or employer.
As managers it is important to let employees know this merger is something that will help all us rise to a new level in the cleaning product field as well as established other cliental in the cleaning industry.  
As managers we should be aware of certain rules that we should adhere to when we begin the realignment process of each department.   We should be careful of showing favoritism toward our fellow employees of our perspective companies.   We evaluate all employees of both companies and choose the best candidate for the positions.   Teams should be made up the best people for the job not the person you work with before.   As we hire new employee’s age, race, or gender should never play a factor. Again we are looking for the best person to fit into our long- term goals.  
What he or she as managers should focus on is the best person for the best position be it from Evolves or Enter clean.   When hiring outside staff one should focus on the person that will help the company grow, no matter what his or hers race, age, or gender.
As a newly founded company our end goal is to be the best provider in the cleaning industry.   We must...