Katie Abel
Media Problem #1
As I am from a small city of 15,000 people.   I have to say this media problem really jumped out at me.   This is a common issue in our metro news stations.   It is also an issue in our local newspaper.   I believe that ratings and being the most popluar source of news someimtes gets in the way of repoting the news that really hits close to home.   Our metro news stations report on what is going on and what is considered “juicy” news.   A lot of the time I find that if they story they are repoting on were a movie and it were “R” rated it gets the most air time.   When I watch they news it seems as if the first 15 monutes is nothing but cirmes.   It is almost depressing to watch.  
This is why if I were the news director I would choose my lead story to be the closing of city parks.   While it may not be as popular as a celebrity death, it affects my viewers more.   The death of a celebrity is always a big, and yes it is a sad time.   But, I feel that the closing of city parks three days a week would really upset viewers and possibly start an even bigger story.  
In my town if the city were to close city parks for three days a week people would come unglued.   We do not have many, but they are always buzzing with people.   It is a good way to interact with you children and your community.   With the video game industry still going strong, I believe parents should do whatever it takes to get their kids outside, by closing parks it would really hinder this.  
I believe it is the job of reporters to deliver the news in a timely manner and to deliver the facts.   While I understand the importance of a death, I think the 24 hour news stations can cover more of it.   They run all day.   My local news stations do a broadcast in the morning, noon 5:00pm, 6:00pm, and 10:00pm.   With fewer times that they are on the air they don’t need to constantly report on a death.   The saying, “it’s like beating a dead horse.”   How many times do you...