Hum 112

Cultural Activity Report
Bridgett Blunt
Professor: Dr. Christina Russu
Humanity 112 World Culture
June 15, 2015

The South Carolina State Museum has many exhibits and programs. This museum gives you many cultural history, science, technology, and art that display a feeling down into your soul. The museum is located in the Columbia, South Carolina downtown area in a large building that holds many historical items and accommodates large groups of people. The museum’s elevator has a capacity that holds about 75 people, which is larger than the average elevator. There are four floors of historical pieces for viewing. The museum exhibits some of South Carolina most tangible and historical collection of the early 18th, 19th and 20th centuries including an area dedicated to the civic war, African American (slavery) and first discovered equipment such as, various communication equipment, audio, television, and electricity.
My most favorite area was the African American exhibits that displayed some inspiring cultural. During my visit to the South Carolina State Museum, my most memorable piece is the African America Custom Funeral display. The museum displayed a hearse that African American used to carry a coffin for the decease. The black box hearse had a glass view on both sides revealing a wooden box coffin inside. The Americans used horses to pull the hearse as it move through the funeral procession. The black box hearse is very different from the hearse used in today. Today, a station wagon sometimes people called it the black Cadillac that carries the coffin instead of the box frame hearse that horses use to pull. Figure 1.1 and 1.2 illustrate the black box hearse displayed at the South Carolina State Museum. Figure 1.1: African America Funeral Hearse: Figure 1.2: African America Funeral Hearse.
The South Carolina State Museum exhibited the Best Friend of Charleston Train. The train looked life like and displayed statues that looked real. There were two men...