Hsm270 Wk4 Check Point

Project wide or Objective Oriented Eva!

The PEACE Domestic Violence Agency’s purpose is to promote a sense of security, empowerment, and support for everyone as an individual or of a whole family who’s been affected by domestic violence.   The PEACE Domestic Violence Agency wants to continue helping by providing their services.   Through education teach everyone all about domestic violence.   They also are going to teach about the warning signs of domestic situations that lead to domestic violence.   Educating victims of domestic violence or any one in general who feels that they are endanger of becoming involved in a domestic situation is going to prevent from as many domesticated situations from occurring repetitively.   Also if the victims have no place for shelter the domestic violence agency will help locate a place for temporary shelter until they are safe to return back to their home.  
The plan I would go with between the project wide evaluation and the Objective oriented evaluation for the Scenario of my choice from Appendix B the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency would be the project wide evaluation.   This starts off with using the Empowerment Approach.   Using the project wide evaluation plan works perfect with the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency because it’s concentrating on the overall purpose of the program and provides a structure to view the bigger picture.   It also involves all of the staff in the evaluation development, which will eventually enable them to feel empowered.   The project wide evaluation plan will include the outcome and process evaluation by attaining the documentations of all of the accomplishments made and gather’s information from a wide variety of many services that’s going to allow the agency to indicate benefits already achieved as the results of the services provided by the organization.