Hsm 260 Federal Domestic Assistance


Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

2 Financial support is a chief problem for all organizations; mainly the human service organizations which work on the basis of supplies to provide the individuals that are in great need. XYZ Company is a nonprofit making agency integrated in section 501c3 of the United States Internal Revenue Code. This organization provides consumers in El Paso County, Texas who are in great requirement of mental assistance and therapy. While studying government help plans, the Executive Director recognized three plans which are applicable to the development of their amenities as requirements have overshadowed their present power. Identified Programs Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children with Serious Emotional Disturbances (SED) CMHS Child Mental Health Service Initiative Number: 93.104 Agency: Department of Health and Human Services Office: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration https://www.cfda.gov/? s=program&mode=form&tab=step1&id=5326fba27305691178315eeb00415d3c State Partnership Grant Program to Improve Minority Health State Partnership Program Number: 93.296 Agency: Department of Health and Human Services Office: Office of the Secretary https://www.cfda.gov/? s=program&mode=form&tab=step1&id=81172c5aa08117763d271f7cbfadce64

3 ARRA – Grants to Health Center Programs ARRA – Grants to Health Center Programs Number: 93.703 Agency: Department of Health and Human Services Office: Health Resources and Services Administration https://www.cfda.gov/? s=program&mode=form&tab=step1&id=d0d597f663dc2a2d278fff70fd1fee25

Best Suited Support All of the recommended means of aid could be utilized for the XYZ Agency, to assist them in enlarging their mental counseling and assistance center. The recommended funding which best suits their intentions is the ARRA-Grants to Heath Center Organizations. The aims for this organization are to give mental assistance for those in the El Paso County locale who...