Hsm/260- Collaborating Fundraising Activity

Collaborating Fundraising Activity
                                                  Kelly Y. Brevard
                                                August 16th, 2015
              HSM/260- Financial Management for Human Service Managers
                                          Instructor- Rebecca Kirkham

        Nontraditional sources of funding play an important role in human services. Nontraditional funding is an intuitive way to gain financial assistance. Examples of nontraditional funding sources are federal grants, state grants, crowd-funding, and non-profit funding (Ashpole, 2011).
        Using nontraditional sources of funding is a great way for Phoenix Homeless Agency (PHA) to solve some of the funding problems the agency has encountered. Nontraditional funding will provide the agency with a great outsource of funds that will not affect the agency’s budget.
        To gain the funding, Phoenix Homeless Agency has to have strategies in place. The first strategy is to find a funding source that will help to meet the agency’s needs. For example, federal and state grants has an application process.   Phoenix Homeless Agency has to meet the requirements just to apply for these grants. The approval period takes a longer period of time also. To find a grants for this particular agency, one may look at The Department of Employment Services (DOES).The third source of funding would by crowd-funding. This is a great way to add funds to Phoenix Homeless Agency without having to meet requirements, write proposals, have restrictions, or go through an approval process. The crowd-funding method is a funding source that can be used continuously.
            There are many great ways to fund an agency. For Phoenix Homeless Agency, these three funding sources will work well. If they need more funding, they can combine the different sources to supply them with the funds they need.

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