Hsm/240 Finances


Texas child protective service (CPS) is an agency that relies profoundly on federal funds in order to provide the services that the agency offers (Center for Public Priorities, 2009). The agency then implements financial accountability measures in order to ensure that those funds are being used properly. The problem however with relying on federal funding is that there can be cut backs in the funds that are distributed by the government or the funding could cease to exist.        
Texas received $714 million dollars in federal funds in the year 2009 for funding of all the services provided by CPS (Center for Public Priorities, 2009). These funds are then distributed throughout the different departments of the agency based on the department’s needs. There are seventeen different programs that rely on these funds that are received by the state, from the government (Center for Public Priorities, 2009). These programs then use the funds that are provided to provide their services throughout the state of Texas (Center for Public Priorities, 2009).
In order to ensure that the federal funds are used properly Texas child protective service (CPS) implements financial accountability measures. CPS provides a Title IV-B Annual Progress and Services Report to show how well the services that they provide are helping those who need the services (Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, 2011). This Annual Progress and Services Report also explain the different things that are being done in order to keep the program working. Sending this annual report allows the government to know that the agency is using their funds wisely and what the funds are being used for is achieving what they were intended for. If a person where to donate a large sum of money to CPS, I believe they would also want to be given a copy of this report. This way that person would be able to see that the money donated to CPS was being used correctly. Since no one has donated a large sum...