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Tenisha Ogden

July 1, 2011

CheckPoint Court Decisions
I chose to do my discussion on Judge Stalls Mich. Drug Testing Program for Welfare Applicants. I do not agree with this judgment at all. I think all applicants should have to take a drug screen to receive any kind of assistance. To get a job you have to take a drug test, so why not for assistance? If you have the money to buy the drugs then you shouldn’t need any assistance because if you can afford your drugs you should be able to afford food and other necessities. As stated in this case, “The drug testing pilot is an opportunity to help individuals find employment and the strengthen families”. Almost every job you apply for you have to take a drug test. If you fail a drug test, you do not get the job. So, why be able to get assistance for failing one if you can’t even get a job. It is like an easy way out for these individuals.
It says that only 21 people out of 268 tested positive for drug use. It’s not a lot but it is still some. If those 21 people would clean up and find a job they wouldn’t have to be on assistance in the first place.
It also states, “The testing program violates participants’ Fourth Amendment protections against illegal search and seizure”. I think if this is the case then they shouldn’t be allowed to drug test for a job either. Getting money and help from the state is no different than earning it yourself.