Hsm 230 Week 3 Submit Agency Type and Name for Ethical Agency

HSM 230 Week 3 Submit Agency Type and Name for Ethical Agency
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Submit the answers to the following questions in APA outline format. This will help you start building your Ethical Agency.  Please know this is the agency you will build during the remainder of this class. As you complete each weekly assignment and participate in discussions you can continue to add to this outline which will help you in Building your Agency (Part 1 and Part 2 of the Final Paper).
What type of Agency will you be creating?
•    What will the name be?
•    What type of health or human services will it provide?
•    Is it a new type of service – filling a gap in services in your community? Or,
•    Is it an agency that will improve an existing service that is not really meeting its clients’ needs?
•    What existing agencies are similar? (Make sure to cite your sources, use web searches to see what similar programs are in your area or surrounding areas)
•    How large will the agency be?
•    What will be done to screen the staff?
•    What will the hours of operation be?
These questions are to get you thinking about the agency NOW and incorporating aspects of the agency with each week’s activities. Terms from the text and weekly discussions must be incorporated and used correctly in the final 2 papers to earn all possible points.

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