Hscm Lead Person Centred Care

HSCM 1 Lead Person Centred Practice.
Understand the theory and principals that underpin person centred practice.

      1.1 Explain person centred practice
Person centred practice for older persons is treatment and care provided by health services that places the person at the centre of their own care and considers the needs of the older persons carers..It is also known as person centred care, patient-centred care and client-centred care.
Person centred practice is treating patients/clients as they want to be treated. This might include considering concepts such as dignity and respect. Curtin encapsulated this when he wrote we “are human beings, our patients or clients are human beings, and it is shared humanity that should be the basis of the relationship between us”
          (Curtin, 1979)
The term person centred care refers to many different principles and   activities, and there is no single agreed definition of the concept. This is partly because person centred care is still an emerging and evolving area. It is also because if care is to person centred then it will depend on the needs circumstances and preferences of the individual receiving care. What is important to one person in their health care may be unnecessary, or even undesirable to another. It may also change over time, as the individual’s needs change.

I believe the four principals for person centred care are as follows:-

  * Affording peoples dignity, compassion and respect

  * Offering coordinated care, support or treatment

  * Offering personalised care, support or treatment

  * Supporting people to recognise and develop their own strengths and abilities to enable them to live an independent and fulfilling life.

      1.2 Critically review approaches to person centred practice.

Person centred practice can be approached in a number of ways, most of them taking up a great deal of time, either by staff having the time to get to know the customer well, changing the...