Unit SHC31

Identify the different reasons people communicate.
At Baskerville school we have pupils aged 11-19 who are on the Autistic spectrum. Communication for the majority of pupils is a big challenge. In the units I work in, I work with pupils very low on the spectrum, which entails working with young people who are non-verbal or can only use single words to three words at a time. So expressing their feelings can a big challenge, this is a big part of their communication and the reason for this is because letting staff know how they feel, if they are happy, sad, upset or just need some time alone to relax and calm.
I have worked with pupil A for three years now and a big part of their communication is them asking for items, like food, drinks, different activities. When pupil A can’t get his communication across in the right way this pupil becomes physically upset and leads to an incident or anxious behaviour. When first working with pupil A it was difficult for me to understand what he wants. But now after I have built up my relationship with the pupil and inserted some communication techniques which are Makaton, Symbols and gestures, the pupil is a lot more responsive and he has a voice to put across what he wants so the incidents are now few and far between of what we can do with that young person at that particular time.

Explain how communication affects relationships in the work place
Working in an environment where there is shift change on a regular basis, it is crucial me to be able to share information with other staff about the young people and their current behaviours and any incidents that have accrued. On the unit we have running logs which show the activities and what has been done on the unit during the time period the staff team are there, and we also have daily logs for each pupil, these are made available for staff to read when there is a shift change. This allows staff to see what the young person has been doing and what...

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