Handout for Communication:

Communication can be defined as the process of passing of information or messege   from one party to another. For example if A want to pass a message called XYZ to part B, Part B must receive XYZ for communication to have taken place effectively.

In my work-practice I communicate with service users through verbal means, through images, objects of reference and signs. I also communicate with my colleagues through handovers, daily observation notes, communication book, notice board, staff meetings, diary and other organisational documents.

Active support is a term used in the health and care sector to mean giving the opportunity to the service user to do as much as possible for themselves. It is important to take this approach because it promotes independence because the service users will able help themselves to a certain extend. This also promotes the well being and feel good factor is the service user is able to still help themselves. Lastly, this approach complies with care standards underpinning health and social care

The main document where a service user’s needs can be found is the “care plan”. A care plan is the legal document which states a cross section of information about an individual service user. It is good practice to first of all read or refer to the individual care plan before starting t work with them so that you know how best to support them .It is also important to know that in the event of an investigation, complaint about the delivery of care, the care plan is the basis of reference documents.


Details of barrier and/orDiscriminatory practice | How this stands in the way ofEffective communication | What you can do to address |
Language difference | People cannot understand each other and it may be difficult to find someone who understand the language. | You can use interpreters, family and friends, language centres and...

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