I work with a 29 yr old young lady called C.

She has non specified learning disabilities   although she has autistic tendances and traits .

I start work at 11a.m , I greet C and say hi before getting handover from my fellow colleague   ( during this time C has relaxation time , listen to music   and a cup of tea ) , this is in order to keep Cs   anxieties to a minimum level as she can become stressed , anxious or agitated   at change of shift , C can at time present challenging behaviour toward staff after change over .

I usually sit with C on sofa and have a cup of tea and a chat with C about what she would like to do for the day and evening after we have completed our   daily tasks of the day ( banking , shopping housework etc ).

Due to the nature of Cs autistic tendancies , its been agreed by psychologist , mum   and staff that C is involved in completing   a weekly activity planner so she has a routine to follow , she also has a picture board that she uses on a daily basis   this has pictures daily activities and staff members   to minimise anxiety .

Meal planner is discussed with C   every week to maintain routine   and enable her to choose meals she would like for the week ( not set in stone they can be changed if wanted )

Today we are going to Morrisons   for weekly house shop . I ask C to get organised by   going to the bathroom , getting coat , shoes and bag , I assist C to put these on   then get money from money tin to go out .

Once in Morrisons I support   C   to get trolly we go around the shop taking our time going around ( helping to minimise anxiety) and picking up shopping , C asks whats on list and together we look for items and C will put in trolly .At checkout c assists to put shopping through and I pack bags   as C finds difficult and stressful , but I ask her to pass things as they are scanned , C requires assistance to remove money from purse to pay , once this is done we head home in car .Once home C has relaxation...