Hsc Unit 503

As a provider of care and support we will need to ensure that we understand the legal framework regarding equality, diversity, discrimination and right to be able to relate this to our everyday role.
I should be seeking to ensure equality and eliminate discrimination by; engaging people using services and their families in shaping future support, presenting staff with a vision of fair and equal service, creating culture which supports equality and challenging discrimination, capturing the commitment of the workplace and raise their awareness of the importance of equality, equipping them through training standards and supervisions to recognise and tackle discrimination and enhance equality, working across boundaries with other agencies and services to raise the profile of equality and promoting informed debate and commitment to change, Challenging age discrimination during the employment and interviewing process, D.O.B should be used only for equality monitoring purposes.
Our application forms do not ask for an applicant to disclose their date of birth or age. We have a very diverse working team of different nationalities, gender, and age. The same development opportunities are offered to all.
It is also about challenging others if necessary and speaking up for the individuals we support when they cannot speak up for themselves. It can be difficult to challenge discrimination, particularly if it is institutional or practised by a colleague, so it is important that I consider how to deal with different and often difficult situation. If I feel confident about what is good practice, it will be easier to deal more effectively with incidents that arise. When discrimination happens it may be intentional, but it can also be because of ignorance and lack of understanding. It is not easy to change the views of others but it is important to challenge discriminatory comments and actions.
In my job role, team leader, I have a duty of care to challenge discrimination in a...