Hsc Unit 201

Unit 201 Communication

Outcome One – Understand why communication is important in the work setting

#1 - People communicate for many reasons for example to express themselves how they feel or what they want or need.
  * For example they may feel unwell
  * They may want something like new clothes or toiletries
  * They may be hungry or thirsty
  * They may want company and to be able to communicate is a basic need to be able to express yourself without becoming frustrated and withdrawn then depressed.

#2 - Effective communications in work is vital as we need to share information, record and log it effectively.
  * We need to record appointments and then record what happened at these appointments.
  * We have a report system for health reports, one to one reports, incident reports and reports for telephone conversations.
  * We need to communicate with each other to maintain standards of support and care.
  * We need to communicate consistently with tenants so all staff are saying the same advise and support or behaviour issues could be triggered.

We need to work effectively as a team and know who is doing what task or giving which support. If communication breaks down then appointments and information could be missed then inconsistent support would be given creating upset and incidents for the tenants. We have four cluster homes and SMT need to know what is happening in all the homes as they are based at Stepping Stones so to do this we have text email and face time. If staff has been off sick or on holiday then we have handovers both on paper and on the computer so we can read what has been happening and catch up. Other reports are on the data base. We have a verbal/signed handover at the start of every shift so we know what has been happening the previous day or night and we then hand this over and add to it at the end of our shifts. All this is important to pass on and share information so that we provide good quality and...