Hsc 36

Unit SHC 36 Promote person centred approaches in health and social care

Give practical examples how you   achieved the following task in your work place |
Learning outcome 1: Understand the application of person centred approaches in health and social care |
1 Explain how and whyperson centred valuesmust influence all aspectsof health and social carework | Each individual in care has the right to be supported in the way they wish respecting their choice, rights and empowering them to be as independent as possible.Person centered approach is paramount in care as everyone has the right to be treated as an individual, supported in the way they wished to be treated, if staff feel they are able to work against this disciplinary action would be taken as they are taken someone’s rights into their hands.Each individual in care have PCP’s, support plans and risk assessments which highlights the way the individual wished to be supported, promoting independence and autonomy.   Each individual has an input in their support networks accessing key workers, key worker meetings, advocates, and other support networks. |
2 Evaluate the use of careplans in applying personcentred values | The individual will be supported the way they wished to be supported.   They have an active input into their care.   They feel empowered as an individual.   Each support plan in place for the person in care would outline step by step on how they wish to be treated/supported in all aspects of their lives. |
  Learning outcome 2: Be able to work in a person centred way |
1. Work with an individualand others to find out theindividual’s history,preferences, wishes andneeds |   Individual ACultural needs - African born individual who enjoys cultural foods.   Who has an African up bring but people may perceive her as her ‘attitude’ as rude/aggressive.Support needs – very independent and feels empowered when completing tasks for herself.   Appreciates praise throughout activity...