Hsc 3003: Provide Support to Maintain and Develop Skills for Everyday Life

1.1. Compare methods for developing and maintaining skills for everyday life.
Within the work setting of the nursing home, there are several ways to help develop skills for everyday life. Within the home there is a physiotherapist, who works with residents to help them get better mobility by helping them move their arms and legs better as an example and encouraging them to attempt the exercises when alone also. Once a resident has improved with their mobility its down to the care staff to help encourage them to continue using this daily life skill by encouraging them to be as independent as possible with things they are known they are able to do reporting any problems and development to the physiotherapist. In addition to this, the nursing staff also helps with everyday life by helping with medication needs and treating any wombs or injuries they have. They also help by ensuring any continence needs are met to help them feel more confident in daily life rather than feeling afraid to embrace everyday life due to continence issues.

1.2. Analyse reasons why individuals may need support to maintain, regain or develop skills for everyday life.
People may require support to maintain everyday life skills for various reasons. This can be anything from Strokes or accidents through to long term illnesses such as Arthritis, Alzheimer’s. These can cause physical support needs, however not all support needs are due to physical reasons. Mental problems can also result in people requiring support. These can include loss of confidence or self esteem or traumatic experiences (post-traumatic stress disorder) through to Munchausen’s Syndrome where people cause problems to themselves to attract attentions and sympathy.

1.3. Explain how maintaining, regaining or developing skills can benefit individuals.
By developing the skills for everyday life can help to promote well-being and self-esteem and it will enhance personal development and to increase people’s quality of...