Hsc 2028

Unit 4222-232 Move and position individuals in accordance with their plan of care (HC 2028)

1.1 Outline the anatomy and physiology of the human body in relation to the importance of correct moving and positioning of individuals
The anatomy which is the physical structure of the body and the physiology which is the normal functions of the body help us to move our limbs.   Muscles work like leavers and this allow the bones at a joint to work like hinges. When moving someone it is important to remember that the muscles can only move the joint as far as the bone will allow them.   . When a muscle contracts it will pull the bones at the joint in the correct direction that it is designed to move. When mobility is reduced and muscles do not get exercise these muscles will be floppy and will make movement slower and more difficult. When moving people it is important not to over stretch the joint as this can cause pain and may also cause damage the joint. There are nerve fibres throughout the body and these send impulses to the muscles and this make the muscle contract or relax. When an individual is moved and positioned it is important this happens smoothly. Sudden movements or pulling in any direction of an individual’s limbs or body can cause pulled muscles or tear tendons which can cause a lot of pain.
                                                Musculoskeletal System
The spinal column is made up of individual bones called vertebrae. In between the bones there are joints that connect these together. A ligament connects bone to support joints.
Muscles work by the fibres they contain contracting; this makes the muscle shorten. When the muscle shortens it pulls on the tendon and then on the bone to which it is attached. Muscles are connected to bones by tendons.
Bones in limbs are covered with tissue.
1.2 Describe the impact of specific conditions on the correct movement and positioning of an individual
There are many conditions that can impact on movement...