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Clapton Commercial Construction Training Plan
Team A will develop a training plan for Clapton Commercial Construction. To help keep the annual turnover rate at 20% or better, we will provide a plan for the needs assessment to identify areas of learning opportunities. Then we well develop a plan for which training methods to use, and explore strategies for how to evaluate the training. Team A will focus on the new duties and positions with the move to Arizona, and be rationale with our decisions that best prepare new employees. The new employees will benefit from the training with skills that will accommodate a variety of knowledge for their positions and responsibilities. The training methods can be high in cost so we will keep in mind that we have a net revenue of $10,000,000 with an employee expansion from 650 to 780.
Needs Assessment
Organizational Analysis for Clapton Commercial Construction will entail the development of the company, from both labor and non-labor employees, and the establishment of the business. One of the most crucial areas is feedback. It can come from an employee or a group of individuals that can educate the organizational on the pulse of the company. Assessments can identify any gaps between what is current to what is trending for the future. The four assessments that the firm will need to conduct an organization, demographics, operational and individual that will analyze the efficiency of Clapton Commercial Construction. These analyses will also identify any inconsistencies in the company. Demographics assessment is needed to understand the type of workforce the company has to adjust to due age, origin, and culture. Operational assessment will analyze a worker’s key tasks and skills required to perform the job. When the assessment is complete, the company will be able to distinguish the skills and behavior that will be needed to perform the job function. The individual assessment gauges an employee’s existing skills, learning style,...