Hrm/531 Memorandum

DATE:   Wednesday, December 13, 2008
TO: First-Level Managers
FROM:   Manager
RE:   InterClean–EnviroTech Merger

Manager Behavior

In response to the merger of InterClean and EnviroTech, it is imperative to be aware that our behaviors will affect our staff.   In order to promote efficiency, we must show behavior of sound leadership, trust and enthusiasm which will create a work environment conducive to high productivity.  

You are the key part of the merger’s success as your behaviors and attitudes will be contagious to our employees.   If you respond negatively, subordinate productivity and creativity may drop and employee turn-over will rise, thus costing the company time, money and resources.   However, if your attitudes and behaviors are positive and genuine, our employees will ensure trust in the organization and its management.   This trust will transcend into a rise in employee self-confidence and job security that will flow over to an increase in productivity.   According to McNeese-Smith (1993), “if managers want productive employees, they must set a good example, establish high standards and values, and then practice what they preach.”

Employment Laws

You may feel overwhelmed with court rulings, laws and regulatory agency assertions.   Nevertheless, employment laws are necessary to protect our employees as well as the organization from legal ramifications.   The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) are the two major federal regulatory agencies in charge of enforcing nondiscrimination laws (Cascio, 2006).   We must be vigilant not to violate an employment act, such as the Civil Rights Act, Equal Pay Act, Americans with Disabilities Act and Age Discrimination in Employment Act.   You must be familiar with all employee acts in order to keep from breaching laws that could put the company at risk.  

Encourage staff to stay with the company by sharing our seniority...