Hrm 323 Week 5 Team Assignment Reflection of Experiences

HRM 323 Week 5 Team Assignment Reflection of Experiences
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HRM 323 Week 5 Team Assignment Reflection of Experiences
Jim recently accepted a position in the human resources department as an HR specialist. In this new role, Jim is often the go-to person to help understand and resolve various conflicts that become escalated in the workplace. He also has the responsibility to recognize and make recommendations to avoid serious conflicts from developing.
Jim has been taking classes at the local college to gain some fresh ideas about human resources and conflict management. He has enjoyed learning about the management of conflict, and is aware of the many conflicts in various shapes and forms around him. While Jim must deal with the issues that come to him, he must also recognize the difference between minor and serious issues.
Jim has learned a great deal, yet feels inadequate to deal with all of the issues of conflict. Jim views his training experience as a new tool ready to try out. However, he really has not had much time to reflect on what his classes have taught him and what will be beneficial in the future.
Jim decides to ask one of the instructors what he feels is the most important lesson he will need as a conflict manager. The instructor suggests that Jim decide on the important lessons himself and start taking notes. Jim identified the following roles in his notes:
Encourages the collaboration of teams of individuals in conflict
Negotiates issues of concern between interested parties
Involves others in the mediation process to avoid or resolve conflict
Demonstrates strategic approaches to tackling conflict
Makes decisions
Acts as consultant for the decision-making process
Accurately monitors performance management
Encourages employees to seek out other endeavors or opportunities
Delegates tasks
Makes joint decisions...