Hris Preliminary Report

Preliminary Report to Senior Management: Implementation of a HRIS at STAR Industries

Prepared By molly bowman

STAR Industries is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of quality windows and doors for residential and commercial premises that was founded by John Jackson, a builder who saw a gap in the market for higher quality, well designed window and door products in the Australia.   Established the 1960’s in Western Australia, Star has been operating for over 30 years. Star began operations in Western Australia for the first 10 years before establishing a manufacturing plant in NSW to better service the increasing eastern states market. Stars corporate headquarters are now operating in Sydney. Stars founder John Jackson sold the company to a consortium of investors in the 1980s and the company remains a private company with 11 shareholders. Star differentiates themselves against lower quality manufacturers and importers by making their focus on high quality design. They position themselves as ‘The designer’s choice for high quality Australian made window and door products’ by competing in the higher-quality, higher-price market. Star operates on a set of goals in order to ensure they are establishing the best practice possible these are;

 Customers: to fully understand and exceed our customers’ needs and deliver superior customer service
 People: to attract and keep innovative, customer-focused employees who can support our expanding business, and reward performance fairly and equitably
 Manufacturing: to use best-in-class door and window manufacturing techniques to maximise the quality of all of our product
 Design: to develop and maintain a product range which reflects modern architectural designs, colour and materials
 Operations: to achieve best-in-class warehousing, ordering, and distribution practices across our whole operation

Stars strategic direction is based on a 5 year plan that incorporates these goals and their mission...