Hrd Application

Human Resource Development Case Study Report
Table of Contents
Executive Summary                                                                                      2
Introduction                                                                                                   3
Scope/Aims                                                                                                     4
Main Body                                                                                                    4-7
Induction of new staff
Customer service
Interpersonal skills
Development of team skills
Development of leadership skills
Evaluation of interventions, determine level of effectiveness                  7-8
Discussion and explanation of appropriate evaluation methods             8-9
The human capital monitor
The balanced scorecard
Recommendations                                                                                       9-10
Conclusion                                                                                                  10-11
References                                                                                                  11-13
Executive Summary
The report is about HR development needs investigation and the evaluation of methods, discussing in lieu to assessing certain HRDNI – Human Resource Development needs Investigation also, the demonstration of knowledge as appropriate for the latter with steps, processes and methods that Mr. Ian Vaughan and the rest of the senior management team of Ford Australia could adopt into and follow accordingly. Aside, the noting in understanding as well as awareness of various interpersonal skills which are related to the process of leadership and team development which implies an analysis of the issues through known cases and literature research that have ample relevance to the topic focus and pressing in desirable and accurate ideas and concepts achieving in...