Hr Strategy

How are workforce plans related to business and HR strategies?

Workforce planning and human resource strategies are reliant upon each other in some aspects of the firm’s business strategy. An organization’s human resource strategy corresponds with the strategies of the organization’s business plan and it also makes the plan a reality in developing a workforce plan ensuring that the workplace plan is applicable to the business plan. The strategies of human resources is to assist a company with the alignment of resources, policies, and programs so that they coincide with the business plan with consideration to possible outside limitations and requirements, short term preparation for long term needs, management procedures, and development.

For example, my organization decided that it wanted to offer our phone service to our existing commercial customers after the launch to residential subscribers. Our human resource department was responsible for the workforce planning. In doing so human resources worked along with management from our phone and high speed internet department to develop positions that would assist the company in meeting the following objectives:
  * Sales
  * Installation
  * Service and repair
  * Customer service

The business strategy was to sell to existing commercial customers that subscriber to business class internet through packaging offers; this in turn would grow our phone product by approximately 20% over 3 years.

Discuss the similarities and differences between job analysis and competency

According to Cascio (2006), “competency models are a form of job analysis that focuses on broader characteristics of individuals and on using these characteristics to inform HR practices”. Competency models are used to recognize variables connected to organizational fit in general and to seek out personality characteristics that is in line with the company’s plan.   A competency focuses on a broader view of...