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Contract of Employment
An employee must be provided to the employees of the NHS organisation if they are working 8 hours or more a week. Due to this the managers and employers of the NHS organisation must provide an employment of contract to the employees within two months of starting their employment.
This is the law and all organisations must ensure they follow this properly in order to avoid any severe penalties. The employment of contract provides both employee and employers with certain protection, security and can be enforced by the law.

All contracts must include:
• The name of the employee and the company(NHS)
• The date when the employment began
• Pay scale, how payment will be made and at what intervals
• Hours of work
• Decision making
• If training is provided
• Holiday entitlement
• Terms relating to sickness and sick pay
• Pension arrangements
• Medical information
• Job title
• Incentives
• Business contact details
• Law legislations
• Disciplinary rules and grievance procedures

Different type of contracts

Annual hours contact – This contract will be very helpful and good for the employees of the NHS organisation because it will help them and the employers to manager the costs more effectively, which will ensure all the financial situations will be analysed properly. This will lead to the employees and employers receiving the right amount of their wage.

Zero hours contract – This employment contract has nothing to do with the employees of all organisations including NHS. The advantage this contract will have for an employer of the NHS business is that the employers will get paid only for the hours they work rather than agreeing to a specific number of hours. This will certainly meet the needs of the employers which will lead to them being motivated.

Term – time only contract – This is all about the employees who work in schools and colleges.  

Self-employed contract – This employment contract will definitely...