How Will This Class Benefit Me in My Future Career

How will this class benefit me in my future career
Be able to read and write like I should be able to. Will need this class because there will be a lot for reading and writing in my future career. Would like to be able to do my best for who ever it is that I work for in this day and age you haft to have a good back ground.Was never   very good at reading and writing. This is the only reason I did not retest when I started school I want to make the best out of this college for myself. With the career I want to be in a big key in it is reading and writing. So outer people can under stand I’ll be able to show I know what I am doing.  
I’ll haft to hear people out, talk to them, write down or type what I think is wrong with them. So if the state or any judge wanted to see the progress of the offender, or if the person them self wanted to see how I think there doing. I would be able to show them how there doing in a very good way so it like I know what I am doing. When I get done with this   school I want to be the best I can be for who ever it is that I work for. I will know what i am doing unlike a lot of people now.
The people i want to work for the most is the Navy. I would like to go in as an officer, that is the best way to go into the Navy. I’ll be able to show the Navy that i do know what i am doing and that i’m not just some regular person that don’t know what there doing.   I’ll get a higher starting out pay ill have to go to a different boot camp. This is what will be best for me and my life.
This life plain i have i think will work out very good for me. I will not be able to get any of this if i don’t know how to read, write , or type. After this class is all said and done i really hope i can read and write like a every day person is able to. So ill be able to do what i want to do with my life i will not be held back anymore. When i was in high school the teachers did not seam like   they where there at all for you just left you alone.