How Will Ai Affect Our Life?

With every progress of AI especially the development of intelligent robots in recent years, humanity is moving forward at great strides at the technological level. While concerns have been raised by some people that AI may get out of control eventually and pose threat to human, I hold view that human will be proactive in terms of how we use AI thus benefit from it in all realms of life.
In fact, worries emerged whenever technological breakthroughs were made such as nuclear and gene technology. However, we've been taking good control of them on the whole by now. Given birth and developed by humans, intellectual machines are productions of human intelligence after all, deciding their rate of evolution and development speed are totally controllable. Besides, it can be firmly believed that human is able to invent new technology to contain AI's self-evolution whenever it starts to get rid of control.
In answer to how will AI exert influence on our life, the first perspective is providing advanced service both for family housework and public facilities so as to keep people from repetitive tasks and eliminate the drudgery from workplace. AI robots could perform household chores not only in cleaning living rooms and do the dishes, but also tackling jobs like assembling furniture or caring for kids and pets. Besides, facilities with large lawns, like golf courses or football stadiums, rely on similar technology to finish cleaning job thus relieving human labor.
Secondly, AI will play its strength in monitoring and prediction. On the one hand, AI is more likely to predict weather phenomena and natural disaster accurately thanks to its sophisticated analysis of data, which undoubtedly do good to mankind especially farmers. In addition, air safety will be enhanced when aircraft manage to dodge potential storms. On the other hand, AI is expected to play a role of security guards for our finances. With a majority of stock trades in world carried out by artificial...