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Fix the ‘missing slave cfcard’ in the Slave MPU Board of an NE-40E router  
Phenomenon Description:
The cfcard of the slave MPU Board of an NE-40E router is disappearing from the VRP OS although the Slave MPU board is functioning perfectly.

Defects of this problem:
1.If there is a hardware failure of Master Board and power reboot of the chassis, the router cannot recover because it cannot read the VRP OS and configuration files of the router, hence causing network down for a significant of time.
2.Performing Software upgrade of Router in a redundant (Master and Slave) MPU board situation is not possible. The cfcard must be seen in both Master and Slave MPU board, and the same copies of VRP OS, patch ,and configuration files must always exist in both board at the same time.  

When performing the command of
dir slave#cfcard: , an error messages appeared,
dir slave#cfcard:
Error: The device is invalid.   "slave#cfcard:"

although under the ‘display health’ , ‘display device’ and ‘display version’ commands, the MPU slave board looks functioning well.
1. display health
Slot           CPU Usage   Memory Usage(Used/Total)  
9 MPU(Master)   12%           52%   993MB/1901MB
2 LPU           5%           46%   189MB/405MB  
3 LPU           7%           44%   407MB/917MB  
5 SPU           4%           27%   253MB/917MB  
7 LPU           5%           46%   190MB/405MB  
8 LPU           5%           46%   190MB/405MB  
10 MPU(Slave)     4%           11%   225MB/1901MB

2. display version
MPU 10(Slave)   : uptime is 400 days, 1 hour, 12 minutes
                StartupTime   2009/06/29   12:49:29
  SDRAM Memory Size   : 2048M bytes  
  Flash Memory Size   : 32M   bytes
  NVRAM Memory Size   : 512K bytes
  CF Card1 Memory Size: 487M bytes
  CF Card2 Memory Size: 489M bytes
  MPU version information:
  1. PCB       Version : CR52SRUA REV C
  2. EPLD1     Version : 106