How to Talk to Students

A good sense of humor
The children in my class and me often have a laugh about my accents.  I perceive it as them teaching me how to communicate properly and I have learnt so much from them in the short while I have been with them by having a learning attitude. Whenever they say “O Miss, not your Irish accent again!” we all start laughing and they teach me how to pronounce things the proper English way. This makes us feel comfortable around each other. They feel that they are teaching me things as well even though I am supporting them with their learning. It is mutual.
Use body language and facial expression and be approachable:

When speaking to children, we ensure that we come down to their level. They should understand what we mean even by looking at our face. We can’t be talking to child about a bad behavior and be laughing and playing at the same time. They have to know the seriousness of the matter. At playtime, when I am running around in the yard with them or at circle time we can have a laugh and they will know then that we are in a relaxed mood. This does not mean to say that I should walk around the school with a stern face. Rather, I try to be approachable with everyone and respond to everyone in a positive way.
Taking time to listen to others
Communication involves more than one person. You would be able to build a positive relationship with someone if they feel that they can speak to you and you would listen and share in their concerns. It doesn’t necessarily mean solving the problem always but empathizing with them can make them feel better.