How to Request for Missing Hours

Good Morning Ms. Monica
I will like to draw your attention to some missing hours I had worked yet unpaid since date and date. This is in reference to the shortage of my hours that occurred twice on my last two payrolls.   First, I have discussed this issue with my direct Manager. From pay period XXX I am short seven (7) hours and I told the manager and provided him a copy of my earnings statement. He said he will address the issue with you, but surprisingly rather than getting paid for the seven hours shortage from XXX pay period, I am short of another eight (8) hours on pay period XXX that is the last pay; therefore, I am short of fifteen (15) hours total of work without pay between pay period XXX through XXX.  
Furthermore, I requested XXX day off which was submitted and approved.   Also, I asked for the “off hours” to be used as personal/sick time from my unused hours due to the fact that I still have fifty six (56) hours unused sick time available for this year (2011).  
I have first discussed the issue with my direct supervisor twice, on XXX date in which he told me that he had discussed with the account manager.   Since the issue is still unresolved, I tended the matter to my account manager, yet is still unsolved neither did I hear any explanation on this matter.   Since this issue has not been resolved yet for the past four payrolls, which is equivalent to two months, this is the reason I email you in order to assist looking into it.  
I appreciate your assistance as you look into the matter,
Ay Yoyo