How to Play Starcraft as a Zerg Race

How to Play Starcraft as the Zerg Race 1 vs 1
Starcraft has consumed much of my life with its awesome game playability.   It is with my advanced experience and expertise in this game that I can tell you how to play the Zerg race like a professional.   There really are professionals who play this game on live television in other countries like Korea.   We’re going to go on an adventure in this paper, and you’re going to discover some of the best techniques to destroy your opponent in one verse one games.   There are three races, and I will tell you how to play each in the order of difficulty from easiest to hardest matchups. They are the Protoss, Zerg and Terran races.
The easiest matchup for a Zerg player is the ever so popular Zerg verse Protoss.   Many newcomers struggle with this matchup not knowing just how easy this game can be.   Most Protoss players will make a few zealots and tech up to dragoons and so on.   This is where the Zerg player can quickly win this game within a few minutes.   All you have to do in this case is perform a fast expansion with a sunken colony or two and pump up two groups of zerglings.   Almost every time you’ll overwhelm your opponent with numbers and destroy them.   This would be a boring game if that was always the case, but everyone plays differently.   If the Protoss player builds several cannons or creates a wall to block your zerglings from destroying them then you have to tech up to mutalisks and ultralisks.   Make sure you use your mutalisks to attack their drones who are gathering minerals and gas, but don’t let your mutalisks get killed by cannons or dragoons.   If you can’t harass your opponent then don’t worry about wasting your gas on mutalisks.   If it seems like your opponent is can’t be penetrated all is not lost.   Just make sure you have at least one more expansion than he has, and make sure you keep it defended with several sunken colonies and zerglings.   Keep researching your attack and defense techs, and build up to...