How to Make Your a-Level and College Learning Better

A-Level and college learning are very crucial phases in education.   It is a time when students are just beginning to feel the essence of life in the greater and truer sense.   They have just graduated from early youth and are now about to start or just starting a more mature and more responsible stage of growth and life.

Life is all about learning.   School learning in the A-Level and college is the student’s life as most of their life’s important learning is found in school.   Students must make the most out of schooling or else they will regret after it all is done and cannot be rewound.   So to get the some advice, the advices of those who wasted their chances and regretted it are the ones that we will look into.   With these advices, students can learn, make use and derive value from others’ mistakes and prevent the effects of the mistakes.

Advice No. 1 – Study What You Want

Nice advice!   Indeed, it is nice.   You should choose and study the subjects and courses that you want.   Do not be tricked by mere infatuation and imagery of a college course.   A course may “appear” as the one you want; but in reality you just like it.   Like is different from want; it disappears easily and fast.   You should pursue a degree which will give you jobs and careers that you will want to do.   As early as secondary school, as late as GCSE or A-Level, you should figure that out.   The more time you spend figuring it out, the lesser the chances of taking up the wrong course in college or the wrong subjects in A-Level.   You can also use personality tests facilitated by school guidance counsellors that interpret what careers fit your personality.

Advice No. 2 – Join the Right Group

Based on your studying and learning style and preferences, look for and choose classmates and friends whom you can go with.   The best group to choose would be those who study together and enjoy it.   But if you prefer studying alone and still get good grades or hit your targeted grades, you may not...