How to Make Finger Joints

How to make finger joints for a box
1) First you use a pencil to mark out the shoulder line on all 4
pieces on all sides, you can use a try square to do this. Also,
number your pieces so that the same numbered side will
connect with the other same numbered side.
2) Then, using a rule split the shoulder Line into 5 sections which
should be 1cm each if your width is 5cm. After that use a try
square to mark the lines on both sides.
3) On one of the pairs of parallel pieces of wood shade in the
sections 1,3 and 5 and on the other pair of parallel pieces of
wood you need to shade in sections 2 and 4. This shows you
which pieces you are cutting out, the waste side of the line.
4) Now you have finished marking it out, now use a vice to clamp
the wood then, you have to use a Tenon saw to cut down all
waste sides of line until you reach the shoulder line for both of
the parallel pieces.
5) Position your piece of wood so that you can cut straight down
on it until the piece comes off. Leave the middle bit. Do this for
both sides and for the other parallel piece.
6) To get rid of the middle bit you need a bench hook, a right sized
bevel edged chisel and a mallet.
7) Place you wood on the bench hook. (It doesn't really matter
where). Then, putting the chisel 1mm before the shoulder line
and on the waste side of the line. Next you lightly tap the chisel
with a mallet once or twice, then turn it over and place, the
chisel in the same place and hit it hard and that should come
flying off. And
8) Repeat the process with the 2 and 4 pieces but you can cut it
only using the Tenon saw, you will need to use a chisel.
9) Finally join you finger joints together, if it doesn't fit adjust it and
glue it together.