How to Check and Replace the Alternator on Your Vehicle

How to Check and Replace the Alternator on your Vehicle
Everyone   over   the   age   of   sixteen   usually   knows   how   to   drive,   but   many   do   not   know   how   to   perform   basic   repairs   on   their   cars.   Your   car   alternator   holds   an   electric   charge   and   charges   your   car   battery.   If the alternator is not working properly, your battery will eventually lose its charge and will   stop   working.   Have   you   ever   been   driving   down   the   road   at   night,   and   then   all   of   a   sudden   your   lights   go   off?   Well   that   is   a   tell   tell   sign   that   your   alternator   needs   to   be   replaced,   so   I’m   going   to   tell   you   in   depth   how   to   check   and   replace   the   alternator   in   your vehicle.
Firstly,   you   will   need   to   turn   the   ignition   on   and   open   the   car   hood.   While   the   car   Is   running,   remove   the   negative   battery   cable   from   the   battery.   If   the   car   stalls   and   dies,   your   alternator   is   bad.   This   is   because   the   alternator   is   not   generating   enough   electricity   to   keep   the   car   running.   If   the   car   keeps   running properly   after   disconnecting   the   cable,   the   problem   could   be   with   another   part   of   your   vehicle.
Next,   you   must   leave   the   negative   battery   cable   disconnected,   and   disconnect   the   positive   cable   at   this   time.   This   is   an   especially   important   step,   as   all   the   electricity   for   the   entire   vehicle   goes   through   the   alternator.   Now,   on   the   face   of   the   motor   you   will   see   a   tensioner.   It   looks   similar   to   a   normal   pulley,   but   the   difference   is   that   the   tensioner   itself   is   bolted   to   the   motor.   You   will   see   a   bolt   in   the   center   of   the   tensioner,   and   will   need   a   ratchet   and   socket   of   the   same   size   to   use.   Turn   the   bolt   on   the   tensioner   like   you   are   going   to   tighten   it   with   the   ratchet.   The   tensioner   is   going   to   swivel   to   the   left   and   release   the   tension   on the   belt   as   to...