How to Build a Culture of Peace in Nigeria

        Will Nigeria ever be peaceful ? Is a culture of peace feasible?Is it possible for tribes to live together?,co-existing in harmony,irrespective of their religious beliefs and background?These and many more are questions needing swift answers.The civil war between 1967-1970 took approximately 1million lifes.the modakeke-ife communal fracas in the south-weestern region wasted thousands of lifes,the Jos killings,Boko Haram’s and of recent,issues of kidnapping and the bomb explosion during the 50th year independence celebration,shows the level with which peace has degraded in the country,that is if we have ever had a totally peaceful era.The question on many minds,including mine,is “how then do we make peace reign in this country?”.
        In   what ways or by what means can feasible measures be put   together   to   foster   freedom   from   anxiety and war.As the cliché   goes,Rome was not built in a day,definitely peace will not come to Nigeria on a platter of gold,not even a nation torn apart by tribal sentiment will that happen easily.Few of many   factors that causes unrest in the nation are:RELIGIOS DIFFERENCES;INTER-TRIBAL HATRED AND ENMITY;REVENUE ALLOCATION, to mention but a few.
      For peace to be achieved,Nigerians must be made to see that we all are ONE,irrespective of cultural diversification,tribal differences,religion and social status.Education,be it   formal or informal has being a great   tool in times past and present   times,useful   in   informing   the general   public about diverse subjects,the young and old are involved in this.Hence for   the cause of   peace to be achieved,peace advocating subjects must be   inculcated and imbibed into our educational schemes ,both in the primary and secondary level of education,the 6:3:3 part that is.A subject should be named PEACE,and when this young minds are taught that we stand united and fall divided for 6years,then how will their minds not be full of love and...