How to Become More Employable by Specializing in Pre Hospital Care

Many close protection operators (CPO’s) are now identifying the value of becoming specialized in other aspects that surround the role. One of these specialist areas is Pre Hospital Care (PHC), and with this in mind I would like to share my thoughts and tips with you.
Having a specialism in medicine will allow you to move into new roles, by becoming a greater asset to any potential employer.
If you are a CPO who is keen to develop your PHC skills, you may have questions like; what qualifications do I need? Who can help me get these? How do I manage my development? How do I stand out from the crowd?
The following thoughts and tips should help you answer those and maybe give you some further development ideas for your future.
What qualifications do you need?
If you know PHC is the route you want to take and have done a bit of research, you may, at this be point, be thinking FPOS-I, then MIRA then some other impressive sounding course with an acronym, is the way forward.   For the most part, as a newly emerging medic, these qualifications will give you a good level of industry-required skills. However most of these courses are designed as specific competency areas, and as stand-alone courses do not give you any professional registrations.
Before spending lots of money on defining your skills with a collection of courses, the question you should first ask yourself is ‘how can I be identified as a competent and employable medic’? The simple answer is; you require a professional registration and you need to document continual professional development.
Professional Registration
Not having a professional registration means that you if you use some of the more advanced skills, it could have legal consequences.
Having a professional registration will benefit you because it ensures you have a foundation of learning. It gives you greater understanding into the human body, how it works and how it responds to treatment. By having this base level of knowledge you will be...