How to Balance Family Life and Responsibilities of Their Work

In past few years, Hong Kong families’ are faced in endured major changes, intense pace of life and hard work always affected them. How to balance family life and responsibilities of their work has become a social policy. For the purpose of set up a family-friendly community, it has carried out various measures to help employees balance their family life and work, as well advance family relationship. In this essay, First of all I will explain how these policies can help in all aspects of employees; afterward analyze the benefits of these measures on employment. Lastly, indicate that these policies how to work in practice between Hong Kong Government and the enterprises.

Family-friendly employment can implement different policies to fulfill employees’ needs in family side. They are comprising the introduction of given family leave benefits, such as marriage leave, paternity leave, parental leave, compassionate leave, special casual leave and special long leave, etc.(GovHK website). Employers should base on this measure which is the work environment and work arrangement to cater to employees for having more time to take care of family needs, for example five-day workweek, flexible working hours and home-based work, and so on. In addition employers should supply support schemes to employees, such as medical protection to them and their family members, child care services, counseling services on stress or emotional management, setting up of nursery room and organizing family recreational activities etc. Also these policies can reduce employees’ stress, employee keeping healthy mood can increase the amount of energy both give in work and family. Family-friendly workplace policies allow employees to better balance their obligations at work and at home.

These policies not only improve employees’ lives, family-friendly policies are also bringing much benefit to businesses. In a supportive working environment, staffs will feel

they are valued and employer will gain...