How to Avoid Hammer Crusher Box Form Abrasion?

The main working parts of the hammer crusher rotor with a hammer (also called hammer).The rotor is composed of main shaft, disk, pin shaft and hammer.1. Work hammer head adopt new technology of casting, abrasion resistance, impact resistance;2. Can be adjusted according to customer's requirement, need the granularity;3. The hammer to break the seal body structure, has solved the crushing plant dust pollution and ash leakage problems in the body;4. The overall design beautiful shape, compact structure, less wearing parts, easy maintenance, is updating and upgrading of products. And how to Avoid Hammer Crusher Box form Abrasion?

The hammer crusher mainly consists of the box, disk, axis, hammer, grates, adjusting frame and coupling. The housing of the hammer crusher is a box made of steel plate, which can be divided into two parts along the center of the axis. The two parts are connected by the bolts. To avoid abrasion and transformation of the inner wall of the box under the impact of the materials, there are protecting scale boards in the housing of the hammer crusher. The types of disk are triangle and circle, with the former easy to be abraded than the latter. There are 6 mandrels on the disk, through which the hammers are installed staggered on the disk.The axis of rotator is supported by the axis on the ends. The grates are arranged by the grate frame, which is fixed on the box by bolts. The quill shaft is arranged with two eccentric shafts under the box. Rotate the handling along the sides of the machine to make an angle for the eccentric, the grates frame can be raised up or lowered down, which can adjust the gap between the hammer and the grates, and then the product installation can be completed.

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