How to Annoy Your Parents

Essay Brainstorm - How to Annoy Your Parents After you have listed all the things you can think of, you need to see if any of them fit together. I like to circle them in colors, then think of how they are related.
bug them after a long day at work wear your mom’s shoes or clothes leave the milk out don’t clean your room leave a mess when you’re done in the kithchen get a tattoo without permission take things without asking leave the toilet seat up yell whine don’t flush get zeros on homework leave a mess in the bathroom jump on the bed be sneaky wrestle with your brothers ignore them fight with brothers or sisters talk back don’t do your chores leave crusty dishes under the bed don’t eat your food talk when they are talking lie to them cheat on tests listen to their phone calls leave toothpaste in the sink fight at school

eat stuff you’re not supposed to bring other annoying children home blame things on brothers or sisters mess up the bed after your mom made it fight with them mock them

leave candy wrappers on the floor play loud music when they are on the phone dial when someone else is on the phone turn the TV on really loud

If you look at all the things circled in blue, they are all about being disrespectful or obnoxious. The red things all have to do with being messy or sloppy. The green ones are about getting in trouble at school. That gives you three easy paragraphs for the body of your essay. It also provides you with your introduction. All you have to do now is add in the details, paying attention to your 6 traits, especially sentence fluency, word choice and voice. (You have already done ideas, and the essay format provides organization.) You can worry about conventions when you do your final draft. The next step is to write an outline, to put your thoughts in order.....

Essay Outline - How to Annoy Your Parents
1. Intro: • Be disrespectful or obnoxious • get in trouble at school • be messy or sloppy 2. Paragraph - Be disrespectful or...