How to Achieve Automatic Control of the Quality of Sand Making Sand?

in sand industry, currently mainly used as a rod mill Sand. Fineness modulus made of sand and sand quality meets the requirements of the standard hydraulic concrete, the general duty by touch, empirically determined Raymond Mill, but significant errors, unreliable. In the laboratory measurement is accurate, but long measuring time, not readily feedback control, and increased labor workload. So, how to achieve automatic control of the quality of sand making sand?

Sand sand quality in order to achieve automatic control and uses a rod mill Sand automatic control system, which is mainly composed of automatic detection, central control and feedback control of three parts. Automatic detection works mainly mechanical and electrical simulation laboratory work, the control section receives signals part of the self-test, after the calculation and analysis, control crusher feeder inlet opening size, to control made of fine sand fineness modulus, to meet the requirements of hydraulic concrete.

automatic detection system consists of sampling machine, oven, screening machines and weighing control system. The central control system consists of microcontroller, display, keyboard and printer, etc. Raymond Mill, and leave the communication interface. Feedback control system consists of a hydraulic unit and feeder components. Hydraulic piston driven feeder movable flap opening, the opening size controls how much control feeding amount.

the systems working process simulation laboratory mechanical and electrical equipment to replace manual inspection, reducing time feedback control can basically meet the quality control requirements of sand. Still no suitable non-contact detection means to detect sand fineness modulus, and this electromechanical control system is simple and feasible, and it is more reliable.