How the Greatness of Martin Luther King Jr. Is Embodied in His Speeches

How the Greatness of Martin Luther King JR. is Embodied in his Speeches
The job of a public speaker is an important one, having to encourage thousands of people while still staying true to themselves. This is something that MLK achieves and again and again to near perfection. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's speeches, letters, and eulogies are again and again some of the most influential works of writing to have ever been written. Convincing a multitude of people to follow a path of peace rather than a path of violence one that would end in self-destruction. Without King's impact suffrage may have never been achieved for the African American community. Martin Luther King Jr’s works are great not merely because of luck but because of his passion, his message, and his literary style.
      Martin Luther King Jr. was a man who believes in what he preaches, a person whose dedication is not a charade but is truly a part of him. This genuine intensity of his devotion is something that can't be mistaken, something that when seen can influence the will of others to follow a cause. King's pure passion is one of the sources for his greatness. MLK is an honest person, and would truly do anything for his cause. He would sacrifice himself for it “Whereby we would present our very own bodies as a means of laying our case before the conscience of the local and national community.”(King 291). This self-sacrificial attitude proves to his followers and to everyone that he is true to his words, that he will obtain equal rights for all African Americans no matter what the cost. This is motivational and sets a precedent for his followers, and in the end many people did join in his path of nonviolent self-sacrifice. King asks his followers to be willing to play the part of a martyr for this good cause, so that one day their children may have a life they did not. That one day an African American child could become friends with a white one, that one day they will be equal, “one day...